Brendan Rodgers leaves Leicester City via mutual agreement

► Suscríbete a Sky Sports News: Brendan Rodgers llegó a un acuerdo mutuo con el Leicester por el que dejará el club. Brendan Rodgers dejará el club de fútbol Leicester City después de cuatro años como entrenador. Se va como uno de los entrenadores más exitosos del club después de llevar al club a una Copa FA en 2021. #SkySportsNews #SkySports #leicestercity ► Para conocer los últimos desarrollos en esta historia: Más de Sky Sports en YouTube: ► Sky Sports Retro: ► Sky Deportes: ► Sky Sports Football: ► Sky Sports Boxing: ► Sky Sports F1: ► Sky Sports Cricket: ► Sky Sports Golf: ► Para obtener información sobre la licencia del contenido de Sky Sports News, puede obtener más información aquí:

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38 comentarios en “Brendan Rodgers leaves Leicester City via mutual agreement

  1. curtis britcher

    Guessing ownership has decided that relegation will be more profitable than remaining in Premiere. Expect a complete gutting of the team for big money during the summer, 6-8 players at least.

  2. Ezra Ezra

    We lost 4 big managers in only 9 days: Conte, Nagelsmann, Rodgers, and now Potter.
    I think Klopp, Ancelotti, and Ten Hag will be the next victim. Don't think about Pioli cause Milan destroyed Napoli 4-0 and had a chance to did the same thing in the upcoming game of the Champions League.

  3. Alpha Dingo

    Adam Saddler as interim boss? May as well get Adam Sandler in at this point. Leicester used to be such a well run club and example on how to punch above your weight class with limited resources but now looking very shaky.

  4. David Kotze

    As a Liverpool supporter….I felt sorry for Brendan when he was replaced with Jurgen Klopp…who was fortunate to inherit some of the players that Brendan brought to our club . I've always held him in high esteem and I'm sure that he will be remembered fondly by the Leicester supporters….just as we Liverpool supporters do. I also believe that this is merely a traumatic (for him) moment in time and his career and that he will go on to become a great manager elsewhere. Your loss of a great manager and human being..Leicester..will be a gain for another club . A sad moment indeed…but not the end for Brendan's journey as a great manager and human being !!YNWA Brendan ❤

  5. Antonio Raphael

    As a palace fan having watched the full game yesterday I don't remember a palace team batter a team so much in the first half, 20 shots, 7 corners, when reviewing the game on friday with other supporters we didn't know what to expect with new management, a team in Leicester who have some quality players, so it was great to get a last minute winner, I hope Leicester survive as they brought us such great memories in 2016 by winning the premier league, real roy of the rovers story, Brendan is a good manager and I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see him at Chelsea or Tottenham, thats his calibre

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