Vea los mejores momentos del partido de la Premier League del Leeds United contra el Leicester City en Elland Road. Presentado por Asombra. #leedsunited #premierleague #Football Obtenga contenido de video exclusivo de Leeds United primero: descargue la aplicación oficial: si disfrutó de este video, no olvide suscribirse. Si quieres estar al tanto de todo lo relacionado con Leeds, visita nuestras otras páginas

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  1. Kieron Johnson

    3:04 As Sinisterra is heading us in front Bamford is falling on his arse. This muppet has to go, he's a total embarrassment and just proves match after match that he's out of his depth in the PL. Sell him back to Chelsea, they like throwing millions at lost causes.

  2. Karl Tanner

    The two problems with this club on full display this match: the backline minus without Woeber, and Bamford. All need gone in the Summer. Ayling, Copper, & Koch an absolute joke on their goal. Bamford literally could have headed or even chested that ball in, he was that close & that open.

  3. Jonathan Monck-Mason

    Mystery of Sini injury. After watching it several times, I think he jumped to avoid the tackle and landed awkwardly on his ankle. Hope it is not long term.

  4. Dee Gee

    Totally crap. About time Bamford took up his real calling and become an Accountant or Estate Agent. He’s faltered under pressure so many times in front of goal.

  5. Portcullis

    Apparently, Javi Gracia was planting potatoes at home yesterday. It took him all day, because he insisted on using a very ordinary small trowel and he struggled. He has a shiny new spade in the shed, but he chose not to use it and when asked, wouldn't explain why.

  6. LDJL

    Some seriously unprofessional performances from some of our players. They clearly just half assing it as they know they still get picked. The sooner the club gets rid of Bamford, Ayling, Cooper, the better. Nice guys, win you nothing other than mediocrity. As they are the leadership group, every other players know they only have to match the standard mediocrity to get a pass at the club. Failing successfully.

  7. Vision

    Mmmmn, hugely disappointing result. Defensively fragile, litany of errors on the goal conceeded. At the other end chances going begging. Thats why we are where we are.

    Keep Fighting tho.


  8. Paul Brennan

    Brilliant to see the pain again for that PATRICK BAMFORD MISS OF THE CENTURY FFS WHOOOPEEE F–kie DO 😲🧐🤨😱 Keep fighting 🦚

  9. Matt Decor

    Who wants to watch our team bottle it and potentially resign us to relegation, who wants to watch bamfraud miss a open goal, who wants to watch the awful miss placed passes, mistakes and the utter shambles my club is from top to bottom!!

    Nothing to be proud of watching this nonsense 👎👎👎

  10. Tirto Ananda

    Just Remember Unbelievable Save From Illan Meisler The Iceman Sensasional + Goal From Sinisterra. Leeds United Shared The Points Against Leicester City In The Elland Road.

  11. DoubleCee33

    Ah yes, just what Leeds United supporters wanted, extended highlights of a game that we absolutely choked because our flog owner has been spending the last several years trying to nickel and dime our survival in the Premier league, completely failed to replace arguably the best manager this club has had since Wilko, after stabbing him in the back, and is now relying on a bunch of Championship rejects to try and, for the second season in a row, pull off an absolute miracle and survive.

    Well done Leeds United social media team, completely failed to read the room again.

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